by Jeff Harms



Recorded at 850 by Jeff Harms, LeRoy Bach, Sam Wagster, Nora O'Connor, and David Hilliard.


released June 19, 2013

Jeff Harms
LeRoy Bach
Nora O'Connor
Sam Wagster
David Hilliard

Co-Produced by LeRoy Bach and Jeff Harms
Mixed by LeRoy Bach
Mastered by David Vandervelde



all rights reserved


Jeff Harms Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Try Maybe
Try maybe to finish something
Try taking an eye for an eye for an eye
Maybe you’ll find out something
If the earth shakes should I should I should I?

Kept your heart on your sleeve all summer
They robbed you blind blind blind
You Felt the surf and the sand malign you
If the words change will I will I will I?

I your foundation tore asunder
Do you think you would die would die would die would die?

Tell me where would I be without you
Do you think you could hide could hide could hide
Wherever you’ll be I’ll find you
Mine mine mine all mine
Track Name: Sweetie Pie
Don’t see why
She can’t escape my mind
It’s so simple to forget I exist
I do it all the time

Sweetie Pie
Please Let me go (back up singers? Creepy!)
I don’t need to know
Either love me or don’t
It’s easy

Don’t believe my thoughts this early
Lying as I speak
Love has made us weak
Crippled here with me
But wild in the streets
I freak out,
but don’t believe me
Love or let me go.
Track Name: Pines
He felt his dreams and they were all right
He drew up plans and stayed up all night
A case of beer and just one headlight
The winding road escaped like a kite

This time of night the road is thread bare
He’s been here twice before they’re not going anywhere
Looks like the sky could rain but those clouds just sit there
Just ten more miles who do they think they can

It’s not about the cash they have his wife
He should’ve known they seemed so polite
He rubs his scar the memory of a knife
If they want his family they will have to take his life

They catch his scent take him for a ride
They won’t be so cool once they’re hog-tied.
Switch of the headlamp glide into the knight

The winding streets the aching pines the air is
Track Name: Hi, Yes I'm Here
Hi Yes I’m here.
It’s like a ghost town in winter
I’m glad that you both were insistent I come.

I love this town.
So I guess I must look suspicious.
Kids yell from their cars
But who am I to discern what they say?

There are clouds in the street.
It’s like they dropped down from heaven.
I could see policeman arrest them,
The skies and the leaves.
The pine needles reach out to claw them
Who woulda dreamed there could be so much green?

She said the day’s like a dog.
One that you raised from a puppy.
And everything’s good.
You throw bones, he’s never exhausted.
But then what is this?
He suddenly vomits up something.
You watch as his persistent system just fails.

I’m spacing out.
How could you believe I was listening?
Shits going down.
How suddenly life takes these curves when they come.

I’m staying here
I know that you made plans don’t break them.
It might take a year.
You know where that kid killed those people?
I think that I'm just 30 miles south of there.
Track Name: Always Tell Your Wife
She likes her place upon the throne beside him
Feeling stiff, he shifts about she’s hiding something
Too late to change your mind
Almost choked when you said, “hey fix me something stiff”
Don’t lift up the lid.

She's all alone beside him
He’d hold her hand but who would hold her doorway open
He’s fidgeting and swimming in the clothes she bought him
He keeps the faith. She’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes
He pays in ones

The neighbors all turn their backs
The twilight false and black
Keep rolling keep the frame on the dolly track.

Don’t tell your mother you’re having the visions
Keep the pillows fresh the showers clean the eyeholes hidden
Hospitality is not PESTERING!
So much to do: Iron your dress and fix your curls,
The screaming girls

Inertia plays this game
To keep you just the same.
Keep it rolling. Now you are a roller rink.
Track Name: Flood
She left her mother where she lay
In the grass by the lake with her name
Sometimes I think that we’re the same.
She’s just dry and I am like a water main.

The oars are layed up in the shade now.
I can see her body splayed out.
She grabbed her skirt and tried to wade out.

I think of Job sometimes this late.
She smiles and says could get worse, you just wait
Guess you don’t get to choose what’s on your plate.
Choose instead between fighting and fate.

Here they drive out till no one can hear them
Bring their shotguns leave their beer cans
Shoot the silent stars and oh, man.

Now the sky is turning grey.
It’s no surprise one more thing in our way.
She’s smoking silently in the shade
As if she burned there her eyes filled with flame.

It overheats the car. She calls me a liar.
Looks at me like Joan in that movie by Dryer.
Pities me, but now her car is on fire.

The first story was a myth
Explaining why, in it’s course, life’s a bitch.
If god betrayed us with a kiss
It was a wash and a watery abyss.

The driest point is now ten feet underground.
The sealed graves of those who died in this town.
No one to pray for those escaped or who drowned.

The dream was false, the weather true.
Had to laugh after all we’d been through.
Cater to parties, serving suits
But I still feel the water rise in my boots.

I’m either kind and dumb or fat and slow.
The prairie dries in sun and buries in snow
The dream we had the land that’s too large to know.
Track Name: Tiny House
We’re all alone on this solemn holiday
You and I could die before we’d learn to live alone
Building shakes
What help are those who grip your lapels
Keep on dreaming Of war or its opposite

And I don’t wanna leave No I don’t wanna leave to sooon

Abandon Roads Just for the hell of it
She said “you are all the man I need When you are in ‘the zone’”
Streetlights wake
The chill of bone Pretend you’re not home
Keep on fighting for war or it’s opposite
Track Name: Early Man
Man It’s great to see you through these drowning years
Dogs’ll bark. We’ll always take them here
Has it been a year?
And will they bury me here?

She laughs to say “I’m really feeling this.”
They dropped the bomb all kinds of awkwardness
Don’t say you didn’t mean it.

And on that silent slope of trees
Another family on their knees
Dad says “Boy, I’d like to build here!”

And as the mountain takes them on
Buries their dead beholds the dawn
They learn to brandish love and kill deer.

Somehow the hope becomes their lives
Ramshackle love just too survive
It’s the same story starting over

And now the snow is coming down
Like falling ash upon the town
He said there’s nothing left to kill deer

She holds them tightly in her fists
Says she’d love to raise some kids
But the demons are inside her

And in a moment of regret
He'll press to pump her blood instead
She cried and filled the world with water

And so the ocean took them in
Their dreaming air their breathing thin
And full of gratitude just to have air

Nothing saw nothing in the swells
Stomachs devouring themselves
They were too hungry to be hungry

Such a relief to watch it sink
To see the ocean take a drink
An aquarium of lawn chairs

And all is lost; like venison
Like burning trees, like onion skin,
Like fireworks and bikes to pedal.

And the rain is hot, but better him
The sky is thin the hail of it
The bleeding in the bars and temples

And on the slope of trees a faun
Another family moving on
They dig their heels in to the clover
Track Name: Hardest Working Man (Reprise)
Fog rolls in Just like,
Just like him.
Whistle below
Stand, do as your told
I’m standing with him

My body melts
Faints like no one else
I appease him
The greed that you feel
It’s all part of the deal
Drink it in

The moving parts
The hardest working man
Go get your heart
Go get it while you can

Nobody knows
Where he goes
In his slumber
Cradle his head
Baby must be fed
By his mother

Hands in his sleeves
Twice around my knees
Keep momentum
Pistons and steam
No space in between
As I lift him

Nails in the chest
Don’t stop no time to rest
We are entwined
Watching his body
rise and fall
with mine

Shake like a hand
They all know where we stand
Meet the Misses
Fractured and pale
Watch his body fail
I can do this

The moving parts
The hardest working man
Go get your heart
Go get it while you can